Lombard International US & Bermuda is now Axcelus Financial

Introducing Axcelus Financial

On Monday January 22, Lombard International – US & Bermuda officially became Axcelus Financial, following our acquisition by BroadRiver Asset Management last year. As Axcelus Financial, we will continue to be a leader in the private placement industry, leveraging our 30 years’ experience. Our focus on providing specialist financial solutions to individuals and institutions will remain, aligned to our fundamental aim of creating long-term value for clients both domestically and internationally. Learn more about our services: Three decades of proven experience as an industry pioneer-turned-market leader means that we understand what matters. We’re excited about this next chapter and delivering on our growth strategy, supported by BroadRiver, to evolve how we best meet the needs of our policyholders, partners and all stakeholders.

“Axcelus Financial will be a thought leader and go-to partner for the insurance industry. We will accelerate our investment in innovative programs and leverage our 30 years of experience and excellent service to meet client expectations.”

– Michael Farrell, CEO at Axcelus Financial


Why is Lombard US & Bermuda rebranding as Axcelus Financial?

This rebrand follows the acquisition of Lombard US & Bermuda by specialist asset management firm BroadRiver Asset Management last year, and marks a new chapter in the firm’s strategic direction and growth.

We have adopted the name Axcelus Financial and a new visual identity to distinguish our firm from Lombard International in the market and better reflect our strengths and vision for the future as we embark on this new stage of growth and expansion. The rebrand also reflects the continuation of our core values and commitment to delivering innovative and customized insurance-based solutions for sophisticated institutional and retail investors.

Read the press release here: “Lombard US & Bermuda Rebrands to Axcelus Financial Following BroadRiver Acquisition”

What does the new Axcelus Financial brand stand for?

The name Axcelus conveys a sense of momentum, ambition and quality, with connotations of acceleration and excellence through the word itself.

Visually, the deep navy of the logo and brand reflects trust and security; this is how we want all of our clients, partners and stakeholders to feel about working with Axcelus and is evidenced by our proven industry experience and expertise. The logo mark, extending the upward trajectory of the X in Axcelus, creates a sense of forward movement and aspiration – a sophisticated visual expression of our commitment to create long-term future value through our financial solutions.

What does this mean for your current policyholders?

There will be no change to our existing policies, and there is no action required by our current policyholders at this time. Going forward, all communications, policy documentation and other materials or correspondence as required will use the new Axcelus Financial name and brand.

What does this mean for your partners?

There will be no changes to our existing business relationships, operations, or the services we provide to our partners. We remain focused on building and maintaining strong relationships with our trusted partners that help us meet our commitment to deliver compelling value to all clients.

As we look to expand our suite of financial solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we hope to build on our strong existing relationships to further grow and diversify our platform of distribution partners in the future.

Who is the new CEO of Axcelus Financial?

Michael Farrell is the new CEO of Axcelus Financial, as of November 2023. Mr. Farrell previously spent 11 years as a senior executive within MetLife, including holding the CEO role at various MetLife subsidiaries; including, MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut (formerly Travelers), General American, and MetLife Securities. You can find out more about Mr. Farrell and the rest of the Axcelus Financial leadership team here.

How can I get in touch with Axcelus Financial?

You can continue to connect with Axcelus Financial in the same ways, noting a slight change to our email structure and website address to align with the new brand name:

Please note our emails and website will be redirected, so if you get in touch via our previous contact information your message will still be picked up.

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