Michael K. Farrell - Chief Executive Officer
Mike Farrell joined Axcelus Financial in December 2023 and is the Chief Executive Officer. With years of leadership experience in the insurance and asset management industry, Mr. Farrell has a proven track record of delivering customized solutions for high-net-worth individuals and institutions. His core competencies include annuities, life insurance, employee benefits, retirement strategy, and distribution management. As the EVP of US Distribution at MetLife, Mr. Farrell was responsible for the sales and marketing of a wide range of products and services, including fixed, variable, and indexed annuities, individual and group life insurance, long term care and disability insurance, mutual funds, managed money and securities products. Mr. Farrell led the growth and diversification of the distribution channels, achieving steady increases in annuity sales and market share. He also played a key role in the successful integration of Travelers Life & Annuity and CitiStreet Associates into MetLife in 2005. Prior to joining MetLife, Mr. Farrell was Founder and President of Michael K. Farrell Associates, Inc., a firm that specialized in corporate qualified retirement plans and pension plan closeouts. He served more than 1,500 clients, providing them with tailored solutions and exceptional service. Mr. Farrell sold the firm to ING in 2004 and joined MetLife as the Chairman, President, and CEO of General American Life Insurance Company, where he developed an independent distribution model for life insurance and strengthened and grew the distribution force. Alongside his professional commitments, he is an active participant in community affairs and serves as a board member of the Boys and Girls Club LifeCamp.

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